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25 Great Stories To Inspire You: The Fresh Brew


The Fresh Brew

‘The Fresh Brew’ is the new book from the IIM Lucknow stables co-authored by 2 current students. It chronicles the life-stories of 25 individuals who decided to chart their own course and take the path that THEY wanted to – regardless of whether that path was “the road less taken” or “a thoroughfare.”


It includes a Foreword by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Former President of India.

It is a collection of 25 stories of IIM Alumni who made a difference – either by taking to entrepreneurship; or by pursuing independent and alternate careers. Many of them left lucrative careers with Consulting firms, banks and marketing firms to strike out on their own. The book also draws on the business and managerial learning throughout their professional lives.

Here is a small introductory video on the book prepared by me:


Chronicles of Business and Freedom. Served Hot. The Fresh Brew.

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